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Adj. parallax on NON AO Burris

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I'm almost tired of waiting on the Timberline with AO and Ballistic plex so I thought I'd get the Fullfield II with the Landmark binocs for $199. Problem is, looks like the Burris doesn't have an external lock ring but an internal lock ring on the objective.
Has anyone succesfully changed the parallax on a non AO Burris and can you post up instructions that a fairly mechanically inclined fellow can follow?
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I don't own a Burris, however I have looked at the pictures of them, and came to the same conclusion as you. There is no outer dew cap/retainer to remove, to access the lens carrier.

I have to assume the lens rides inside a lens carrier and can only be accessed via the front inner ring, using a spanner type tool. If you don't have the right tool, I suggest you make a poorman's spanner tool by cutting/filing an old hacksaw blade to correct size to fit internal notches.

WARNING: there is always the possibility that the lock ring is not attached or a part of the lens carrier, but holds the objective lens in place :( . This would be bad news if you accidently tightened and cracked the objective lens. Looking again at some pictures, I think the inner lock ring is part of the lens carrier system that will turn, or possibly a lock for the lens carrier, and you should be alright. Hopefully someone who has changed a Burris non-AO parallax will post better information than I. Good luck.
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