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Adding Iron Sights

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is there a way that i can add aperatures or any tpe of iron or fiber optic sights to my Savage BV? if there is please mention what tools i would need to get and a possible place to get them. Midway didnt seem to have anyting i needed. i love having a scope but i like the tradition of iron sights.
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I purchased a 17YR Buckaroo for my daughter. The stock was too long so I restocked the action and barrel and added apperature sights. The rear is an older Anchutes biathlon sight mounted on top of a rail I made to accept the metric dovetail. To clear the bolt the sight rail is mounted on a set of cut-down scope rings which mate to the action.

Champions Choice mount for the globe.

The front globe is a Lyman 93.

The CC mount used the existing front sight bolt hole and I added another hole to keep the setup from twisting. The CC mount has two holes. The staff at Champions Choice was super helpful.

Brownell's also carries a bunch of sight hardware and has a knowledgeable staff.
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