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Our Sportsman's Club made a change in 2 of our Matches over the last 2 months. In Defensive Pistol Matches, and our 2 Gun Combat Match we decided to allow 22 Rimfire to compete. This looks like a really smart move with todays high Fuel, Ammunition, and Component Costs.

This is an example of what we are doing: 2-Gun Combat Course 13 April 2008

The shooter moves up to the Loading Table: Load and Make Ready
The Shooter moves to the Starting Line
Shooter Ready
Stand By
NOTE: The shooter starts with the carbine in this match set up.

At the Buzzer the shooter moves to a barracade and takes cover, and engages a single IDPA Silhouette with 2 rounds from the rifle at 11 yards.
The shooter then advances to the Shoot House and engages 3 Silhouettes in the front room, from outside the front door.
The shooter then moves across the first room to the second room and engages 4 Silhouettes using a Hostage for cover.
The shooter then moves across the second room to the back door where he engages 2 Silhouette targets, one behind a Log with a 16" section of hollow log on top. The shooter can either shoot through the hole in the log for a chest shot, or make a head shot on a smaller target.

The shooter then exits the Shoot House and takes cover behind a barracade where he engages 3 Silhouette targets at 10 to 15 yards with 3 rounds each.
The shooter then moves across the valley to a second barracade and takes cover, and engages 3 more Silhouette targets at 15 yards with 3 rounds each.
The Handgun is reholstered at this point.

The shooter then moves with his rifle to a 55 gallon barrel and takes cover, and engages 5 targets at 20 to 30 yards with 2 rounds each.
The shooter then moves to a second 55 Gallon Barrel down the valley and engages 5 Silhouette targets at 32 to 40 yards with 2 rounds each.

The timer stops on the last gunshot.
The Range Officer checks both weapons while facing down range and makes sure they are clear.
The targets are scored like IDPA. Head and Center Chest No Value, Coffin Scoring Area -1, ourside scoring area -3, Miss -5 Hit a Hostage -20. here is where we make a change. IDPA multiplies the Points Down by 0.5. In 2-Gun we multiply the Points Down by 2.
AN EXAMPLE: Course Time 125 Seconds, Points Down 5 (5 Points Down X 2 = 10)
Your Course time of 125 Seconds + 10 Points Down added as a penalty to your score = a score of 135

RIMFIRE EQUIPMENT ( This is what I would recommend for compedative equipment)

Handgun Ruger MK III or 22/45
Modifications: MK III Hogue Grips (Non-Thumb Rest Model)

Wal-Mart Special with Long Barrel (Better for open sight shooting)
Trigger Job 2.75 LB or a little under
Extended Magazine Release
Automatic Bolt Release
Williams Peep Sight with Fiber Optic Front sight (Adds 8 Inches to sight radius) That helps
Tactical INC 25 Round magazines

MATCH SCORES from 13 April Match

Old Warrior Centerfire (4 Entries) ( 3 of the 4 are regular shooters)
First Place: 164.14 Deputy Sheriff Salty Shooter
Second place 203.6 Retired Marine (Bad Hip) Salty Shooter
Third Place 212.7 Retired Airforce

Iron Man Centerfire (4 Entries) All New Shooters
First Place 304.4
Second place 320.6
Third Place 383.1

Iron Man Rimfire (12 Entries) (Almost all from our Centerfire ranks who left the AR15 at home that day)
First Place 133.95
Second Place 144.94
Third Place 153.79

Old Warrior Rimfire (3 Entries)
First Place 129.44 Retired Marine
Second place 140.84 Defensive Pistol Shooter First 2-Gun
Third Place 233.3 Defensive Pistol Shooter First 2-Gun

Rimfire 15 entries total.
Centerfire 8 entries total. ( 2 shot both Rimfire & Centerfire)

All Stages are 12 Rounds Maximum either 6 and a mandatory reload on the clock and another 6. OR 6 on the clock, a non speed reload and another 6 on the clock. This is a Revolver and Single Stack 1911 Friendly Match. A MK III Fits right in.

I think we will start seeing more rimfire Action Shooting due to the high cost of ammunition for Centerfire. I did the math buying my ammo from Wal-Mart centerfire 2-Gun is $20 and change for 1 pass. Rimfire is $1.26 for a single pass. That is 16 times you can run the course on rimfire ammunition at the cost of 1 pass with centerfire. Almost everyone is shooting for enjoyment. I can have plenty of enjoyment shooting my 10-22 and MK III, at a considerable savings in ammunition. I do not plan to quit shooting Centerfire. But I will probably shoot the 2-Gun and Defensive Pistol matches with both, instead of multiple passes with centerfire.

See You On The Range

Big Piney Sportsmans Club
Houston Missouri
[email protected]

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Sounds like a good way to keep and draw in, shooters.

The guns you mentioned. Are they the only ones approved or are they the ones you use? Maybe I missed it. I just got up and haven't had any coffee yet.

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We are having a good time.

CajunBass we have not limited rimfire equipment. The Retired Marine is shooting a Remington Clip Fed Rifle. We have a couple other pistols except Rugers being used also. The 10-22 and MK III just seem to be the best way to go at this time due to both design, and aftermarket parts to make them work better for this type of shooting.

In Rimfire I am using:
Handgun: MK III Hunter with Hogue Rubber Grip, Non-Thumb Rest Model
Carbine: Older SS 10/22 Gray Laminated Stock with CCP Trigger Job, Williams Peep Sight with Fiber Optic Front Sight, Tactical INC Magazines, Volquartsen Extractor, CCP magazine Release extension, Volquartsen Bolt Release.

Planned Work: MK III My brother and I have the Full House Volquartsen Trigger Parts Kits on order from Midway, if they ever get off backorder. NOTE HERE: The kits were ordered On Sale before we shot either MK III. I would have saved the money and not messed with the trigger if we had not already ordered the parts. Both triggers work fine out of the box for this application. Note the Factory Bolt Release works OK also.
CARBINE WORK: My 10/22 trigger assembly is robbed from my 10-22T. I will probably order a Volquartsen Hammer and Sear, Auto Bolt Release, and Ranch Products Magazine Release for my 2-Gun 10-22, and put my robbed trigger group back in my 10-22T in the next month or so.

I like the Williams Peep Sight and Fiber Optic front sight I ordered from Rimfire Sports and Custom. It is easy to hit with this sight set up. In the April Match I only had a singe -1 on my target score, and that was a barely low (3/4") first shot at 27 Yards. I ended up in First Place with a score of 133.95 (131.95 Seconds + 2 Points Down = 133.95)

This is a list of our range activities:

Rimfire 100 yard Bench Rest (Monthly)
Multi Range F Class 100 thru 800 yards (Bi-Monthly)
Tactical Long Range Rifle 100 thru 800 yards (Bi-Monthly)
2-Gun Combat Match (Monthly after the above matches)
Defensive Pistol (Monthly)
Military Rifle (once in a while)
Trap (Thursday Evenings)
4-H Trap Program (Kids Shooting Program)
FFA Reginal Trap Competition (Kids Shooting Program)
Sporting Clays (First Saturday of Month)
Skeet Range under construction (Trap/Skeet combination range)

Law Enforcement Sniper Training (2 Classes a year)

City Police, County Sheriff, State Game Wardens, and Federal Law Enforcement use our range.

We try and keep everyone shooting, and having a good time.
We have a Club Chilli Supper coming up the 26th after the Rimfire Benchrest Match, We will be shooting Trap before and after the Dinner also. Its a hard job shooting and having fun, but someone has to do it.

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