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OK, I'm still hard at work on the new rifle. Yeah, I'm slow, but hey its fun.

A while back Sid, posted a great thread about using shims to tighten the bolt, and take some of the slop out. He had good results, and yep, I tried it.
Sids Trick!

It works great I used brass shim stock, and polished it down till I got a good fit. one word, SMOOOOOTH. Thanks Sid!

I did the rest of the bolt as well, with a retaining pin for the firing pin, .043" head space, good polish job. Chamfer (radius) Tested about thirty rounds, (after dark, no scope) can't be more happy with the function. The real test is comming soon.

I know this doesn't quite belong here, but while I'm at it:

Do not put a finnish on the reciever after the bedding job! It don't work that way! Yep, I'm telling on myself.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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