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Accutrigger problem

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My dad has a .223 savage (FVSS) with accutrigger. It shoots well, except that about 5-10 percent of the time, when he pulls the trigger nothing happens. The firing pin doesn't impact the primer at all. He blames himself, saying that he isn't pulling the trigger back straight enough. However this problem has happened to me as well with his gun.

Now I am trying to convince him to buy a savage in rimfire with accutrigger and he doesn't want to go for it because of the problems with his .223.

Is this a normal condition with savage's accutrigger? Should he send it back for repair?
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Accutrigger problems

Triple Dittoes there w/ShootNut......

I have found that most of the problems with the Savage Accu-trigger is the nut behind the buttstock.

It seems that this nut generally loosens off the Accu-trigger spring to get a very light trigger pull, but backs off the spring too much and if the bolt is worked rapidly, the firing pin bounces or pushes the trigger sear downwards, and rides over it, thus not cocking the firing pin.

The first solution to the problem is to turn the spring inwards a bit, making for more positive engagement of the firing pin. You do not need much, try about one turn at a time.
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