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Custom 581

I've had the same 581 since about 1974. A few years ago, I bought a used 541T barrel for it for $50 and a Fajen thumbhole stock blank that was made for an Anschutz 64, I think. The trigger/sear spring was pinned and a lighter return spring installed. Pull is a sweet 15 oz.

I put it all together and it shot very well. Well enough to win 7 International Benchrest Plinker category matches. I retired the rifle from that competition, unbeaten. It still holds the USBR postal record of 226-2X (restricted to 9x scope).

Just recently, I decided to put a lighter-weight barrel on it and Butch Hongisto offered to make one up for me. He had a benchrest take-off Lilja (stainless) barrel, turned it down, shortened it, and made it to fit the 581. He said that if it doesn't shoot well enough, he'll do another for free.

The barrel is .920" at the receiver and tapers to .600" at the muzzle. It's 21" long. He's sending it to me tomorrow and I'll install it myself, using high-strength epoxy. The pins will also be inserted, but will be almost non-functional.

The rifle will be used mainly for offhand plinking, informal target shooting, and maybe some informal benchrest.

Butch has a few more barrels if anyone is looking for one. I can recommend his work highly. He rebarrelled my Win 52C and it is shooting groups under .10" at 50 yards under the right conditions. The best so far is .07" and four of the five were in the same hole!

BTW, check my accurizing tips for the 581/541 in the Tips and Tricks Forum.

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