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Accurate.22 (and reasonable $$$)

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Does anyone know of a reasonably priced (sorry, I have a hard time paying centerfire $$ for a rimfire gun) .22 that is accurate and will also shoot .22 shorts. I want to use it for squirrel hunting.

Catfishunter:confused: :confused:
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Yes, I would just like to shoot as quitely as possible. Don't want to spook the squirrels in the next county, and I think that shorts will kill a squirrel as good as a long rifle (within range of course).

When I was a young chap, I liked to shoot hot rods (VIPERS and such) but boy do they tear up the meat. Now would like to work more on my stalking etc...

It sure is hard to find a rifle even chambered for shorts these days, and I haven't bought a .22 in years, so I would like to know that the one I get is accurate (you know head shoot a squirrel at 30 yards is good enough for me!!!:D :D :D


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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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