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Accurate.22 (and reasonable $$$)

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Does anyone know of a reasonably priced (sorry, I have a hard time paying centerfire $$ for a rimfire gun) .22 that is accurate and will also shoot .22 shorts. I want to use it for squirrel hunting.

Catfishunter:confused: :confused:
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With my furry tail exp, all the noise in the world won't bother them. It's the movement thats gets 'em attentive. As long as you stay in one spot, and stay as still as possible, you can wack a handfull. Take a shot, make a note where it fell, then stay put, and keep wacking more. It's when you shoot just one, and run over to grab it do the others get spooked. Then ya gotta play the waiting game all over again till they get used to the stillness.

...and I usually use a 12 guage with a mod choke and 2 3/4 all purpose loads.

My .02~


The pellets aren't any worse than pickin out road-rash gravel:D
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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