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We've had similar threads, the question is not a new one; maybe a good snowy day search & read?
Iirc the past has shown many 10/22 carbines will do around 3/4"-1" at 50yd from a decent solid bench and rest. Call it quarter size groups with decent, but not match, ammo, good conditions and technique. Yeah, some folks win the 10/22 lotto with one that will do nickel or Wow, even dime, but generally not out of the box and not the 'norm'. I sure did not get one like that.....
Ime, the 10/22 is a fun 'sporting rifle' and can quickly become a hole to throw money in; and the more money in the less improvement is made with each expenditure (rule of diminishing returns). It is a great platform for a futzer.
Btw, I found to my satisfaction that I cannot shoot any tighter than the parallax of my scope (unless the rare wallet group by pure luck).
1 - 1 of 132 Posts