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I have recently experienced something interesting. I spent a few hours testing ammo from Lapua, Eley and SK in a CMP 40x with a nice-looking bore. The first 2 groups after an ammo switch were better than subsequent groups. It didn't seem to matter whether I switched from Lapua-Eley, Eley to SK, SK-Eley or whatever.

Whether it is a real physical effect, a statistical oddity, or just spotty concentration, I'm not sure. I'm never sure of anything in this game.

Acasto, I recently have shot my best groups with WMT (actually SK Std Plus). In competition was Eley Match EPS & Calfee, Eley Tenex Ultimate, Lapua Master L&M, and my beloved SK SSHP. And yet the WMT held it the tightest for the day, 2nd place was the Tenex Ultimate. :confused:

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