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A win at last!

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Posted: Tue Jun 07, 2005 11:23 pm Post subject: A win at last!


Well, this Saturday's rim fire match was won by your's truely! After comming in last or next to last, the past few matches, I decided it was time to make some changes. A new gun ..... no, the key was to use some "match grade" ammo. Being as cheap as I am ( when it comes to rim fire ammo ), I finally sprang for some "WOLF brand Match Extra" 22 long rifle ammo. And what a difference it makes! This ammo cost about twice what cheap 22's cost ( $4.99 for a box of 50, compared to $4.00 for a box of 100 ). Now on Monday, I'll have to go back to TEXAS GUN and buy a brick ( 10 boxes ) of this wonder ammo in order to insure I have enough for the matches comming up during the rest of the year. We shoot every first Sat. of the month.
This is a "fun" shoot, all you win are the bragging rights until the next match, plus the fee ($5) is waived for the winner of the last match. So next month, I'll shoot for free! I like the sound of that!
We shoot at the official "Hunter Class Bench Rest Target", this target has 6 bull's eyes on an 11X17 paper. The 100 yd target is shot at 50 yds and the 200 yd target is shot at 100yds. This target is used for bench rest matches using high powered varmit type rifles, and it is a real challenge with the rim fire 22's at the distance we shoot. It becomes a real challenge when the wind kicks up! The lower right target is a "sighter" target you can shoot as many times as you want, the other 5 targets are for score, 5 shots in each bull's eye, giving you a possible score of 250 at each distance, 500 possible for the match. At 100 yds, the 10 ring is a one inch circle, at 50 yds the 10 ring is 1/2 inch. I'll try to scan in my targets and post them here. The winning score .... 490 out of a possible 500, by the Reloaderman! I beat second place by only 1 !
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Congrats. :)

Yes, ammo does make a difference in the .22 world. Sad but true, the makers don't seem to put any care into making the cheaper stuff anymore. :(

You usually are buying consistiency as you move up the price chain for ammo.

The Wolf stuff is amazing for the price, which is why everyone bought some when it came out and folks found out how well it shot. I think I first saw it for only like 15-16 bucks a brick. The price has gone up, but it's still not as expensive as some of the Eley, Lapua, and other match stuff out there.

I have 2 cases of Wolf ME in the other room, I use it for all my guns for target shooting. :)

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Jimd1981 said:
The match sounds like fun! !
Yea, this match is quite a chalange, especially when the wind starts to blow!
( and the wind is always blowing in west Texas!)
It's really a lot of fun, and it doesn't take all day, we start at 9:00 and we're finished by lunch, even if we have to shot 2 relays. :D

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Get some USBR targets and try them. I would like to see how they equate.
Anyone every weigh wolf ME?? I just weighed a brick of MT and found the variation from heaviest to lighest round was less than a grain. In the past (different lot) it ran about 1.3 grains.

Good shooting.
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