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A thumbs up for a new k22 hunter

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A thumbs up for a new k22 hunter(update 1/2 groups

Finnaly got mine squared away to shoot. Once I got the screw situation right for the bases I was ready to go. Put in on a pretty pore setup today shooting at 100m at home and it perefermed pretty well. Winchester Super X, and some Fedral ammo did real well. This ammo also fed well, ejected well. The kimber does not like CCI Stingers, velocitor, these do not feed well and or shoot well. The really low powerd match stuff I shoot out of my anshutz didn't do well either, had problems with aguila ejecting. The rifle will be put in a tube thursday and I will let you all know if it will shot even better then 1/2 in groups. I think this rifle is going to work out for me pretty well. I will give an update at the end of testing. :snipersmi