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A little 702 help please

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Has anyone came across any mods to tune up the trigger pull on a 702 Plinkster? This is the grand kids rifle, I just want to lighten up the trigger some.
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I don't own a 702 and never worked on one.

But you can try the usual things like deburring any trigger parts that need it. Polish up the mating sufaces on the sear and trigger. Try different springs or shorten up what you have.

But...if it were me, I would be happy to let the trigger at 5-6 pounds for kids to shoot. I'm sure you aren't looking for a 2 lb trigger for kids and I doubt that will happen with the 702 anyway. :D You might shave a pound or two off of it doing the above.

Be sure to triple check the fuction of the safety after you play with the fire control parts.

Hopefully someone that has actually worked on a 702 will stop by with some real help.
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