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I'm sure everyone has their own ideas about maintaining but here's what I do with my 513S and T.

Dry-fire... no. I put a fired case in and rotate so it hits a different spot. I don't think it's a good idea to dryfire any rimfire because of the possibility of damaging the rim area or firing pin. I'm sure some guns may be safe to dry-fire but better safe than sorry.

Cleaning... I shoot only target ammo and have figured out that the accuracy seems to start "going away" in my guns at about 175-200 rounds. If I shoot less than 100-125 rounds, I run a couple of dry patches through with a jag to remove some of the lube so I don't have to start all over re-lubing the barrel. It takes about 20 rounds to lube the barrel when starting clean and only about 5 if not totally cleaned. To totally clean, I run a couple of solvent soaked patches through it to soften the lube and then damp patches with a jag until clean. If I get a lead buildup, I use patches soaked with a lead solvent, scrub with a nylon brush, repeat a couple times and damp patches with a jag until clean. I flush the bolt with a spray can of CRC automotive brake cleaner once in a while, then lightly oil. I oil the barrel if I'm not going to shoot again within a week or so and dry patch it before shooting.

Triggers aren't the easiest to adjust in 513s and I've been told by a pretty good "triggersmith" that they are easy to ruin if you start honing on them. My 513S is really good and my 513T is so-so.

Have fun and good luck!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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