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Lionhill: there's been several posts on this model and you can peruse them at your leisure by doing a search on "this forum" for "513". It's a pretty accurate little rifle and good plinker. On mine, I clean the bore after each use regardless. Mostly it's a habit I got into since childhood and also because I don't shoot these rifles much. They may sit several weeks before I use them again. Depending on how much I shoot, I will run some Rem oil soaked patches through them and then a couple of dry patches. Again, this is what I do with all of my rifles as a habit and don't know if it needs to be cleaned this often. Some say they never clean??.....

Trigger is rough but I did smooth out by polishing the sear surface of machining marks and shimming. Mine shoots great with PMC mods.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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