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A few questions about the 513T

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Hi all
First post. Just bought a 513T in mint shape. I really like this rifle, and would like to keep it in top shape.

Dry-fire: yes or no? I did a search here and it was kinda yes and no for a 40X, but nothing specific to the 513T. Any horror stories?

Cleaning: After a certain number of rounds or after each shoot? What type of bore cleaner do you suggest? Any other maintenance tips for 513T's?

The rifle has weaver scope mounts this one is getting a Leupold 6.5x20x40 EFR target. The scope mounting is straightforward, but any advice for this gun in particular would be appreciated.

Great site. :t Thank you.

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I'm sure everyone has their own ideas about maintaining but here's what I do with my 513S and T.

Dry-fire... no. I put a fired case in and rotate so it hits a different spot. I don't think it's a good idea to dryfire any rimfire because of the possibility of damaging the rim area or firing pin. I'm sure some guns may be safe to dry-fire but better safe than sorry.

Cleaning... I shoot only target ammo and have figured out that the accuracy seems to start "going away" in my guns at about 175-200 rounds. If I shoot less than 100-125 rounds, I run a couple of dry patches through with a jag to remove some of the lube so I don't have to start all over re-lubing the barrel. It takes about 20 rounds to lube the barrel when starting clean and only about 5 if not totally cleaned. To totally clean, I run a couple of solvent soaked patches through it to soften the lube and then damp patches with a jag until clean. If I get a lead buildup, I use patches soaked with a lead solvent, scrub with a nylon brush, repeat a couple times and damp patches with a jag until clean. I flush the bolt with a spray can of CRC automotive brake cleaner once in a while, then lightly oil. I oil the barrel if I'm not going to shoot again within a week or so and dry patch it before shooting.

Triggers aren't the easiest to adjust in 513s and I've been told by a pretty good "triggersmith" that they are easy to ruin if you start honing on them. My 513S is really good and my 513T is so-so.

Have fun and good luck!

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Lionhill: there's been several posts on this model and you can peruse them at your leisure by doing a search on "this forum" for "513". It's a pretty accurate little rifle and good plinker. On mine, I clean the bore after each use regardless. Mostly it's a habit I got into since childhood and also because I don't shoot these rifles much. They may sit several weeks before I use them again. Depending on how much I shoot, I will run some Rem oil soaked patches through them and then a couple of dry patches. Again, this is what I do with all of my rifles as a habit and don't know if it needs to be cleaned this often. Some say they never clean??.....

Trigger is rough but I did smooth out by polishing the sear surface of machining marks and shimming. Mine shoots great with PMC mods.
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