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99C -- Wall Hanger or Shooter?

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After initial attempts to test fire a 99-C (1965 vintage based on the barrel stamp) gifted to me ended up with 10-15% FTE with multiple ammo types, I completed a more complete cleanup and mounted a cheap, generic scope. A trip to the range seems to show that this rifle has a fairly accurate barrel. I was using nothing more than a block of wood as a rest. While the target was only 30 yards, the Aguila SE HV ammo is not exactly known for high accuracy, yet it still managed to put together some reasonably tight groups, especially for my poor level of markmanship.
The FTE decreased to about 5% after the more extensive cleaning, with runs of 40+ with no problems, then 3-4 per 15 loaded in the tube. But the FTE still occur.

My question is "do I turn this rifle into a wall hanging, or do I spend the time and money to find the parts to eliminate the FTE?".
One note I can provide is that this rifle seems to have been taken apart in the past. At least one spring in the action seems to have been replaced with a later Model 60 spring that is not an exact fit (ejector ??). My 99 is an old version without last shot open, so the action is slightly different than the Model 60.
Sorry if some of my explanations are not exactly correct, but I am not much of a gunsmith.

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I'd say your most likely correct with the spring being the culprit, but I've had failures in some SA's that only occur with certain types of ammo, so trying some mini mags should be in order. Also when you cleaned the rifle did you clean the chamber and lead area with a cotton mop and some JB's... or similar type of aggressive cleaner?
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