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982 Vs

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Just wondering as i'm new with the rimfire stuff. I'm going to be ordering a marlin 982 VS and just wondering what rings and or bases do I need to mount a scope on it???
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Depends on what you what. Plunking? Go to WallyWorld and rings are ten bucks, scopes forty. Gonna shoot seriously, I suggest you read the various forums on this sight and decide from your readings. And, welcome to group. Since your handle is Rubicon04 does that mean you got one? I do and use it a lot to cruise the Sierra's up near Yosemite. Rugged little beast. Good shooting...
mostly for plinking shooting gophers using when camping and or quading. No shooting comps or serious traget spend more time chasing muleys then paper. I have a 04 Rubicon with perfex lift and 26 mudbogs, love the machince I also agree its a beast
I'v got millet angle locks on mine,I like the millet over the other brands,you'll need the high for objectives of 40 mm or more
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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