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Hi guys,

I went to the range today with the 981TL (L for the laminated stock I put on with some dremeling and screw cutting last night) I went late yestarday and had 45 minutes to sight it back in and shoot some. I had taken off the scope, a nikon prostaff 4x32 (note: the scope manual says the 4x32 has an objective diameter of 40, typo or bonus?) but didn't have to adjsut it any except for changing ammo types. I shot a bunch just to shoot so I shot blazers and finished up with some groups of Federal Gold Medal at 50 yards and shot a target at 100yards. I shot at the NRA 100 yard small bore rifle target (I"m new at this so I'm guessing the huge X ring is because this target is shot from the three positions, not off a rest?). I shot off a rolled up towel from a concrete bench outdoors and got a 10 shot group ~ 4inches with 8 of them in ~1.5". I had to hold over about 8 inches lined up with someone else's old target on the frame, because I was zeroed at 50yards and was running out of light, but guessed on the holdover pretty close for 2X's, two tens and some nines and one out in the 8.

I went back today with a front and rear sandbag and Wolf MT and figured out that I needed 30 clicks (1/4"@100) up to go from 50 to 100yard zero. I then shot a 10 shot group on the 100 yard NRA target(hold on) and then clicked 30 down and checked that I was back at 50 yard zero...but I only shot two hasty 5 shot groups...one grouped high, one low. Happy with the scope because it went back to zero (but i'll check that next outing to make sure its on) and in the fading light the scope was much brighter than my (cheap) 10x monocular.

My 10 shot group with wolf MT at 100 yards today was 3 inches with 9shots in 1.75"; 6X's, 3 10s and an 8! And I'm pretty sure that this gun likes (RWS) Dynamit Noble Target Rifle better than anything else, so I'll have to shoot some of that at 100! Maybe the stars were just aligned right...I shot at two Shoot N See targets to get things sighted in at 100yards and sprayed them all over the target, but i did take my time with the one that "counted".

I like this rifle even more with the Laminated stock, for asthetic reasons and better heft, and I was happy with this range outing!

Then when I was all done taking notes, I blasted some bunny targets for fun at 50 yards. BANG BANG BANG dead bunnies. I love it!


edit: The stock was really easy to fit, just some minor dremel work for the feed spring pin at the base of the tube mag, and the rear takedown screw which needs to be longer for the laminated stock (I cut down a 2" brass #10-32 machine screw) It was about $80 with shipping from Marlin. I ordered it last thursday evening and got it tuesday around noon.
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