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9422 Scope mounting

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I have a 9422 I got almost 30 years ago and used with an Australian-made Field receiver sight for lever-action competition. I now use it for plinking with my kids, plus stalking and spotlighting for rabbits. I recently decided to mount a scope.

I wanted to try really low power, and would have liked to afford a widefield 1.5 or 2.5x Bushnell or similar. I got hold of a Tasco Bantam 2.5x32 made for black powder and slug guns. It was cheap and does give me a lot more light for evening rabbit hunting. Not so fond of the duplex plus ring reticle, but it is quite satisfactory.

The Weaver base plate for 9422 gives wider dovetail base and moves the front ring forward so the eye relief would be more comfortable (and looks better too). I used it with a pair of Redfield rings, and cut a third notch in the baseplate to suit my eye position. This base slides onto the little receiver dovetails and uses lock screws to fix position.

Darn thing would not group. At 50m I shot 4"-6" groups, and I reckon (since I have no benchrest-quality support) that 2"-3" would be realistic to expect. I am not a great shot ;-(.

On inspection, the base plate flexes quite a lot under pressure. I took it to a gunsmith and he just mounted new rings onto the rifle's own narrow, short dovetails. It isn't as nice looking but it does group much better. The Weaver base and Redfield rings are now in the odds 'n' ends box.

I still like the idea of the Weaver base. Is anyone using it? Has anyone any tips for improvements? I was considering using plastic steel to fix its front end against the barrel.
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Weaver TO-10 Base Plate


Sorry I missed your Post....... :eek:

I am using the "Weaver" TO-10 base plate on my 9422 Mag, and I have not experienced any problems; yes, under pressure, the forward [unsupported] end will flex downward slightly.

I have an 'old' "Weaver" V-22 [3-6X] with a 7/8" tube mounted with "Weaver" 'Tip-Off' rings, and it has never moved that I can detect. It will group ~ 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" at 100 yards, off the bench with a rest and bags, using "premium" .22 WMR ammo; not bad for a lever action with its tubular magazine...! ! ;)

I use the rifle for woodchuck hunting in the more populated areas, where firing a centerfire varmint rifle would bring out the National Guard...! ! :(

The TO-10 base offers both 'Tip-Off' grooves and 'DTM' mounting.

Possibly one could use another "Weaver" barrel mounting base [short] like the #22 for the M63, and file/grind the top so it was a snug fit under the front of the TO-10, and then JB Weld the short base to the TO-10...? ? ;)

Just a thought..... :)
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