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Just picked up a 900TR new that was lost in the vault at my favorite gun store. I found out from Savage that it was built in '96 and hasn't been made for the last couple of years. So far I love it!

Anyone know of any history of this model? Why they quit makin' it?

I looked at the trigger (needs help) and noticed it looked similar to my daughters MKII but not exactly the same - the Savage Customer Service Department (they need help too) sez that they are exactly the same. Savage Sales Department sez there might have been a change-over in trigger design. The trigger housing looks the same (pin placement) but the 900TR doesn't have an external leaf spring for the safety and the trigger itself looks different. I ordered a RifleBasix sear for it but don't know if it'll fit yet. Anybody dealt with this? (or have one?)

Also, I'd like to hear recommendations for what ammo it prefers to eat. I'm currently using Remington Standard Target.
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