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800116 vs. 44Mag

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What's y'all's opinion? Which one should I get?

I know that they both have good reputations. Is one clearer than the other? I believe they're both 44mm and anything above 24x on the 800116 will be a bit dark.

I'm also worried about the legnth. The 44mag is only 13" but I couldn't find specs on the 800116.

Your opinion is greatly appreciated.

Also, what size rings do I need? I bought some medium ones for the V24 I was supposed to get. That fell through, (You will probably see them on the for sale forum soon) They've never been used and are nickel.
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Your right,
The 800116 is a touch dark at the higher powers, but not terribly so. The major advantage it has over the 44Mag is that it has a fine recticle with a dot. I've read that the 44Mags recticle is a bit heavy for really tight target work but is still workable. And unless you order the 1048 you won't get 1/8 moa turrets and you have to order the sunshade as an accessory.

BTW, the 800116 is 17 1/8" long without the sunshade.......JL

I'll have to cut a dowel and see what that would look like. I don't want a 2 ft. scope and be shooting crappy groups..... Then I'm just asking for the guys to pick on me:D

Sun shade isn't a real issue as it seems the sun don't shine much here in VA anymore :D

Edit by me: Turns out the 44mag comes w/ a free sunshade also.

Also, I would get the 1048 and they're the same price.

Do I need the extra magnification. I want to shoot USBR targets.

Also, what size rings do I need w/ a t0-9 and .920 bbl?
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I prefer the extra power of the 800116, but to be honest. A 20X scope will be fine in anything but SERIOUS competition....This is all in what each individual prefers.

I use Weaver Extra High DTM on mine, but mine has a B&C Anschutz style stock with a high cheekrest. But reg high should work on must stocks with standard or low monte-carlo rest.

I can't speak for the 44mag, but I just got a 800116 this week, and I really like it!

Check this:

My "New Scope" thread.....
I have an 800116 Simmons.Would give a good deal on it if you guys are interested.May have to put it on the For Sale Forum.
If you don't mind me asking.... Ae you trading up? If so, what for?
Pinball.... How good of a deal are you talking?
How does 110.00 shipped sound?

IST 10/22....not sure yet.

That sounds reasonable. But I have to count my pennies first. PM me when you hear from 1st 10/22. I have already offered to buy a barrel and am not sure of the price yet or if it's available. I may have to settle for one or the other. Thanks for the offer.
I'l just pretty much echo everything that JL has said but here goes:

I have used both the 1048 & the 800116 scopes & there really isn't much difference in brightness & clarity - probably none if you set the 800116 @ 20X. The extra magnification available (you don't HAVE to crank it up to 32X but it is there if you want or think you need it!) is a plus as is the dot reticle. The 1048 has pretty coarse duplex crosshairs - the 800116 has what they call a "micro target dot" - in reality it is about a 1/2 - 3/4 minute dot (dot will not quite cover a .22 hole @ 25 yards. Both have target knobs & 1/8 min. adjustments. The 800116 is BIG though - about 21" long with the sunshade (which comes with it) attached........

Both my 1048 & 800116 were mounted on heavy barreled rifles using HIGH Burris Signature rings & Weaver basers.... If the Mag44 is a 44mm I'm sure it will probably require HIGH rings too.............
Hey claybuster, the 800116 rocks!!!!!

As far as I'm concerned, short of a mil-dot high power, this is the scope for my 10/22. I looked at the 44MAG before I bought claybusters scope, I'm glad I waited.

Thanks claybuster!!:t :t
Hey Lee,

Glad you are enjoying the Simmons. For the money the 800116 has to be one of the best scopes around. I'm happy it worked out well for you...................
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