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Chief Says : The barrel will swap out O.K.

But The boltface in some 77/22's can cause improper rim
depth when going to a larger rim size.
Some 77-22 work well , others dont .
About a 50-50 gamble.

If you have the 77/22 with a walnut stock , your in luck.
You can purchase a new trigger floor plate from Brownells
for the 77-22 magnum , along with a 77-22 magnum magazine.

All fer about $50.00 if I recall correctly. Thus you convert your action to a 77/22 magnum ( magwell area).
Note : The walnut stock requires " no modfication" for the
conversion. The magwell is the same on both the 77/22 and 77-22 magnum . The floorplate makes the difference.

Then you add the 77=17 barrel . you have a complete 77-17
out of your 77-22 .

NOTE : THE KEY to this conversion is the stock - zytel stocks
are definately out . as all parts are built into the stock.

I can supply you with full conversion from start to finish , as I have done about 6 of them to date.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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