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77/22 breech block-where to buy?

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I need a 77/22 22lr. breech block to convert from 22mag. to 22lr. but no one seem to sell them.
Any ideas?
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Someone throw me a bone for the love of baby Jesus!!!
don't know if this counts as a "bone", but...

i've been shooting 17m2, 17hmr, and 22 mag out of my model 77 (originally chambered in 17 hmr) without changing trigger guards or breech blocks.

check here:


if you read the post, you'll learn how to modify the "cartridge support" (not extractor claw) so that it holds a 22 lr case (either 22 lr or 17 m2) in place while still using a "magnum" breech block.

hope this helps you out.
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Thank you for the info, I have some questions.

"Clerke machines a .007" thick shoulder on the breech face of the barrel to make up for proper headspacing of a 22 LR case fire with a 22 mag bolt."

Does this have to be done in addition to the CS mod?

"I also modified the cartridge support to improve the extraction because the cartridge support was originally tuned for 17 HMR (22 mag case). Once this mod is done, extraction and feeding is better for all rimfire calibers."

Will the 22Mag case function with this mod, or once modified it will only work for 22RF?
it's all up to you...

the .007 " shoulder definitely helps with "lock up" and addresses the issue of reliable ignition due to light firing pin strikes.

i don't think it's necessary in most cases.

as far as modifying your cartridge support, once done, your bolt will be able to handle both magnum based cases (17 hmr,22mag) and lr based cases (22lr,17m2) without swapping out the breech block.

trust me, you'll have an easier time ordering the cartridge supports from ruger versus finding a spare magnum breech block, whether it be used or new.

good luck,
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BillB said:
In .22LR/.17HM2 and .22WMR/.17HMR case heads....

How does the Sako Quad rifle, with four barrels/four calibers and one bolt (boltface), handle this situation?

Regards Bill :)
my 96/22mag will run both mag and LR size cases just fine as is....check what you have before you try to fix it!

Anyone have a 22lr. breech block to trade for a 22mag?:D
Still no luck. Anyone have any new leads?
Still searching.......

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Your dedication to this search is amazing! :)

You might get more leads if a mod were to move this thread to the 77/22 forum.

Good luck!
:rolleyes: OR,..To the RFC "Classifieds Where It Belongs!![OP is Breaking RFC Rules All thru This Thread]:read::oops:
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