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77/22 barrel switch

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I just picked up a stainless steel barrel for my 77/22. It looks to me like the barrel is just held in the dovetail by two allen head bolts. Is there anything tricky about this switch or is it really as staightforward as it seems? :confused: Thanks for your help!
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77/22 Barrel Switch


There is nothing 'tricky' about a 77/22 barrel change, as long as you know a few things:
1. YOU must align the barrel's extractor slots with the extractors on the bolt; the V-Block will NOT align them.....! ! :(
2. Do NOT over torque the two #12-24 Allen head [5/32"] screws; 30 INCH pounds each is all that is required.....! ! :(
3. IF your new barrel is of a different contour than the one it is replacing, some stock work maybe required....! ! ;)
4. IF the new barrel is of the same caliber class as the old, no other changes are required.....! ! :)

Good Luck....! ! :)
Thanks BigMike, It looked pretty basic, but I've found it's always better to ask if you can. It's a Ruger factory barrel (same contour), so I don't think it will need much stockwork. The extractor groove alignment I probably would have taken for granted. Thanks again for the help!:t
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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