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77/17 range results

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here are the test range results. infortunately, i forgot my bunny ears and had no way to support the rear end of the rifle and so it resulted in a lot of flyers. 50 yards.

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Chief says : NOT BAD !

Most likely will improve " when ya add a scope !"
I may be my eyes Rimfire, but do you even have a front site on that gun?
If not, you are bared from the Email matches if you scope it. :D

you guys r too much! LOL
i was getting harrassed by border patrol agents and had no support for the rear of the rifle and thus im throwing these results out. im contemplating if i should even show my project F-1 FIDDIE results now :/

Is the stock on your rifle an aftermarket item?


no. painted factory laminate.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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