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Scope mounts

Scope Rings


I found these rings from brownells worked perfectly on my Chuckster. Much better than than trying to work around my weaver style rings.



Windage Adjustable & The Strength Of Steel

Precisely align crosshairs to bore without using up your scope's internal adjustments just getting sighted in. 3/8" dovetail, steel rings feature dual, opposed locking screws for additional windage adjustment. Individual steel clamps give a secure fit to all dovetail receivers. Interlocking alignment guides ensure ring caps are correctly aligned while splined internal surfaces provide a secure grip that helps prevent scope movement.

SPECS: Steel, blue, polished or matte finish. Nickel, matte finish. 1" (2.5cm) or 30mm (1.18") to fit 3/8" dovetail receivers. Ring heights measured from top of base to inside bottom of ring. 1" Low; .275" (6.9mm), 1" Med.; .395" (10mm), 1" High; .525" (13mm). Med. 30mm; .477" (12mm). Sold in pairs only.

Catalog page 300

This is copied from the other current 640 thread, don't know myself. Mine has an old Lyman with the turrets further forward, and works well.
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