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hey guys. im getting my first rifle and settled on a annie. i was looking for a .22lr training rifle for high-powered long range shooting. however i would enter comps with an annie if i could. so my main question is....

64 msr/mpr or 1416 HB. or any other suggestions?

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Not quite enough info on what you are training for in a HiPower Rifle.

NOTE: The Rifle is only part of this package. It has to be equipped correctly to work as a trainer.

I shoot Sniper Matches one month and Multi Range F Class the next month at our Club. This is at 100 thru 800 yards. I use a Bipod at all distances on the F Class, and on probably 50% of the targets in the Sniper Match. If you are going to shoot off a Bipod with an Anschutz you will need:

With a 64MPR you would need a Harris Bipod Adapter for Anschutz Rail (Champion Shooters Supply $9.00) to mount a Harris Swivel Bipod, with Pod Loc on the Anschutz Rail.
The 1416D HB will need a wood screw type sling swivel stud installed to mount the bipod. Better than the Rail Adapter, won't come loose. My Opinion.

For a practice Rimfire F-Class or Sniper Rifle I would get either a 16X or 20X Super Sniper scope from Riflescopes.com. ( $300 + Shipping) They are an entry level priced scope with plenty of Elevation and Windage Adjustment, and fairly good quality. A long range 22 RF will require plenty of UP Elevation Adjustment. A Cheap China made scope will probably not have enough adjustment to make you smile. The Mil Dots are accurate on the Super Sniper, the Adjustment Clicks are repeatable and positive. The scope will paralex adjust down to 10 Meters. It also has more adjustment than anything else you will find under about $900. It is not a Tactical Leupold, but it is 1/3 to about 1/5 the cost of a compairable Hi End Sniper Scope. Not as good in Lo Light, but plenty good for a practice rifle.

The only thing I have had any problem with on using a 22 RF as a Sniper Rifle Trainer is my Log Book. The 22 RF spools up and down on speed a lot with weather. At say 100 yards it may move up and down 2 Inches or more depending on temperature, and other weather related factors. This messes up using a Log Book for Come Ups changing range. One may need to have 3 Log Book Drop Charts made up in the Log Book for your Come-Ups to compensate for weather changes. I have not done this yet, but it is probably the answer for dialing in the range with a Rimfire.

A Harris Bench Rest Height (9" to 13") , Swivel Model Bipod with Notch Legs would be my first choice in a bipod. Add a Pod Loc to lock or tighten up the swivel. Note off the ground a swivel bipod is a must to square the gun up with your Level.

I would also add a scope ring style Bubble Level. This style level can be adjusted to get it level with your rifle.

Between the 64MPR and 1416D HB. Either will get the job done for a practice rifle. One consideration is the trigger. Most Hi-Power rifles will not have a trigger set under 1.5 pounds in my experiance. The Hi-Power rifle will also more than likely be a single stage trigger. You will be able to get the triggers almost identical with the 1416D HB. The 64MPR has a 2 stage trigger. While a better trigger, it may not be the best choice for a practice rifle designed to simulate a single stage Hi-Power trigger.

This would be my build list:
1416D HB
Bipod Stud Brownells 593-250-401AA (Michels of Oregon)
Harris Bipod Brownells 416-005-100AA Style S Model BMR 9" - 13" Adjustment
POD LOC Brownells 100-000-326AA
Redfield Scope Base Brownells 750-512-018AA
Redfield Rings 30MM Matt Blue High (.490) Brownells 750-523-722AA or
Redfield Rings 30MM Matt Blue Med (.312) Brownells 750-523-700AA
Trigger Spring Brownells 100-001-168AA (For CZ 452 but will work in Anschutz Trigger)

Another Scope Ring Option is a set of CZ 30MM rings for the 11MM Rail. Allowing scope changes for more than one scope for different applications.
Then a 1" Anschutz Ring set for the 11mm Rail from Champion Shooters $25.

Scope SS20-42 20X Super Sniper from SWFA (Riflescopes.com)
ADD Butler Creek Flip Up Scope Covers
ADD Sun Shade

Sand Sock: About soda can size filled with Beaney Baby Fill or BETTER plastic Pony Beads (Approximately Pea Size, Adjusts Better) You will need 2 each. If your wife can sew no problem. Redman on Snipers Hide builds them. TRIAD Tactical Supply in KC probably sells them also.

I use Tactical Tailor Log Book Covers. I install a small Log Book size 3 Ring Binder cut down to fit the cover with the cut edges taped with 100MPH tape.
Type up the Drop Charts in 25 yard increments in Word, print on card stock, and size and cut it to fit.

The Drop Chart info can be calculated in EXBALL Ballistic Program. Perry Ballistic Systems. Also Wind Drift Charts can be put together for the 22 RF.

Last on the List AMMO. I think I would try Federal Auto Match First. It is Full Power 1200 FPS, and pretty accurate for the price. It is about $2.30 per 50 in a 325 round bulk box vs Wolf MT / SK Standard Plus at $5.00 / 50. When $$$$ are calculated in Wolf MT would be my next step up in accuracy. I have tested ammo in between Auto Match and Wolf MT but it all costs more than Wolf MT, so why bother.

That is just my 2 Cents on a practice rifle for what I do. My Trainer is a CZ 452 Varmint with Automation Solutions Sear and Spring, and it has been Glass Bedded, and the barrel channel has been opened up . I have a 20x Super Sniper as well as a T24 for it to double as a Sporter Class Benchrest Rifle. By the time I was done improving the CZ Varment it is not that far from a 1416D HB cost wise.


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What is the lowest ring/base combination you came up with for the CZ452 (American or Varmint?) using the SS? It's ocular is bigger than my Leupold 3.5x10AO.

I'm still trying to set my scope up with Burris signature Zee rings for LH American. I would like to get a Brook's low weaver adapter, but not sure if I will get it. Wish my Leupold had turrents too.

Looking at SS again. Afraid it will sit too high for good cheek weld. Thanks. Bob A

Read the article on 6mmbr about tactical .22 shooting if you haven't already. Downloadable targets too.
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