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5mm to .17??

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Is it possible to sleeve a 5mm Rem and chamber it to .17M2 or .17HMR? What would a conversion like this cost? This gun isn't worth anything without the ammo. I've been told that it is a collectors item. I believe that the ammo is a collectors item, not the gun. Any thoughts on this? Thanks..
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Sleeving the barrel to 17HMR could be done but I wonder where that would leave the firing pin impact? It might get the narrower rim ok but I would chk that before reline.

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I suppose it could be rebarrelled and chambered for .17HMR without modifying the bolt but the .17HM2 is the same dia. as a LR. A 580 series might work to do the same thing in HM2. I would think if a person is going to the trouble of changing the caliber you might as well weld and thread the receiver and thread the barrel and do it right. Actually might make a pretty good setup as the 580 and 590 series isn't a bad action with the "artillery style" bolt design and the factory trigger can be reworked to be half decent.

Of course the other alternative is to go CF with a 5mm Craig.... try this link-This is what I did with mine and I kept the original bolt face in case someone makes a run of 5 mm Rem.

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