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5mm Ammo

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I was in my local gun shop yesterday and seen they had 4 boxes of 5mm centurion ammo sitting on the shelf. Gun Barn, Otisville, Mi (810)-631-2333
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No, you need over a MILLION like Al the Infidel.
That's over 234 posts a day.......
I've lost 2X that with the monthly purgings of threads/posts in RFC's Community Forum. :(
Dang Al! That's a LOT of posts! :bthumb:
With 2 geezer fingers and a thumb. :D
With 2 geezer fingers and a thumb. :D
Now that snow season is getting in full swing up in yoopersville, I expect your daily posts to be no less than 500 per day.
Looking in almanac now to see how long a winter it will be......
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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