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597 is a strange gu indeed!

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a priori,I like the feel of my 597 ss lam,I like the way the recoil(not much in a 22 I agree) bounces straight back,its reliable with the original nylon clip(not with a new one -more on this) but it aways sends the first shot high. The rest of the shots group about like my 10/22. I realize that I'm the variable,maual loading first round vs blowback loading the rest. It does the same with cci.winchester power pt,and golden bullets so I don't think its ammo. Should I first fire a warning shot at a squirrel before drilling him ha ha. Plse advise
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Don't ride the bolt foward when loading your first round. Pull the handle back and let it slam home just as if it was firing the round. This is a practice that should be done with all self loaders from my old Winchester 1400 shot gun to the A2 I shoot at work. Many .22 semis if not most will do this.
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