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Snoopaloop said:
I bought my 597 .22LR new about 2 months ago and was finally able to shoot it this past weekend. I fired one shot and experienced the jamming that now seems to be commonplace with this weapon. After 20 rounds and about 5 jams, I put it back in my case.

When I got home I decided to take apart the weapon, and it looks like I got a Friday afternoon/Monday morning gun. The front bolt holding the barrel/receiver/trigger housing had a flat spot on the threads. Great. When I got everything broken down, I saw a small hole on the bottom of the bolt. It was in the bottom of the right groove, about 1/2 " away from the front. Almost looks like there was a small blowout because the hole doesn't look machined.

So, has anyone else had this problem? If so, was there a fix or did you just go with it? If there was already a thread on this, just send me the link because I was unable to find it.

Oh yeah! Don't worry about it as I have two 597's and they BOTH have those holes. It does appear to be a quick and dirty action access hole for the extractors and it's spring. All that matters is it's function. Anything else Remington would have to fix.

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