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597 clips

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I was just out shooting today. I cleaned my 597, did a little polishing on the inside top of the receiver and lightly lubed the guide rails. I put the set skrews back just to the point that they are just snug. I was still having some feeding problems. I have four magazines for it. The factory one (plastic with red follower), two factory replacements (plastic with orange followers) and a metal one that remington gave me when I sent my gun back in for a broken extractor. I took each one apart cleaning each part, even the spring. I did put just a little gun oil on the sides of the followers before I put them back together. I did take them apart seperately to make sure that I keep the same parts together. Now when I go to load them I can put 6 or 7 rounds in each one then it seems like they are getting bound up and there is no tension on the top round. Another way to describe it is that if you push down on the top round ( any one after 7 rounds) they do not spring back up. Thus this is giving me a major feeding problem. I am just about out of patience with this gun. It worked excelent before I sent it back to Remington and now I have a "plinker" that does not plink. By the way when I was able to get it to feed I was getting 1.25" groups at 25 yards. I have purchased a laminate stock off gunbroker and floated the barrel. If I ever get this thing to feed I am going to try to pillar bed the front of the barrel to try to improve the consistancy. For anyone that is wondering if it is the frustated shooter and not the gun, I was able to get sub .5" groups with my 10/22. Another thing about my 597 that I noticed was its desire to digest subsonic ammo. I was getting best results with Remington vipers. Funny thing is that I can not get them to feed in my Ruger.........It must be a Remington thing...

If anyone has any advice on what I should do next I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

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I recommend getting several 30 round magazines for your Remington 597. CDNN sells them for less than $12 each.
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