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552 Picture

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Took some pics at the range today. Here's one of my newly refinished 552. It's 25 years old and needed a refresh.

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looking good there. any idea of the value of these? I found one but it is really in poor shape. don't know where to start on an offer, probably best to walk away from what I found.

Current value? No idea. I bought it used 20 years ago. Paid $125.00.

looks good. i redid mine with oil and put a bkl cantalevered scope mount on the relatively short receiver to get the scope a touch further forward. i think they are the sleekest looking .22 autos or at least up there with a browning.
The Browning is a nice rifle but the butt stock and the forearm look really out of proportion. Gives the rifle an unbalanced look to me.
I'm guessing you refinished the stock with Tru Oil. I refinished my 572 with it and the stock turned out beautifully, much like yours. Any guess as to what kind of wood these stocks are made of?
I'm pretty sure the BDLs are walnut.

That looks great! I just picked up a decent 552 wearing an old, clear Weaver C4 for $150 at a gun show. It's not nearly as pretty as yours, though!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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