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552 barrel swap

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Can a non-professional DIYer intall a new barrel on a 552? (Basic tools and a big hammer.)

I've got my sights on a cheap 552 with ruined barrel and I located a replacement barrel.

But I've been told only a gunsmith with professional tools can mount the barrel. (I've put a couple barrels on rifles--mainly Mod. 60 marlins without vaporizing myself.)

Wut up?
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The following is from the Remington site. Click on it and scroll down to this section. It has pics and stuff.

Easy to disassemble. I've done it several times. Can't believe you found a barrel. I looked for one for six months and finally bought a gallery one from Numrich.


DISASSEMBLY--Barrel and Bolt: Push safety ON SAFE. Cock and close action. Remove trigger plate assembly. Loosen fore-end assembly by unscrewing take-down screw (fig.2). Separate fore-end slightly from receiver and slide forward. Grasp fore-end firmly to barrel and pull barrel and bolt assembly from receiver. (fig.3) Bolt from Barrel (fig.4). Slide action bar from bolt slot. Pull bolt assembly from barrel.

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Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4

REASSEMBLY--Bolt to Barrel: Align extractors in bolt to re-enter extractor slots in barrel. Slide bolt into barrel. Bolt must replace in barrel with action bar lug slot facing action bar. Barrel and Bolt (to receiver). Position action bar lug in matching slot in bolt. With action bar engaging bolt, hold fore-end and barrel firmly together. Slide barrel, assembled bolt, and action bar into receiver. Seat fore-end hanger (with-in fore-end) firmly into receiver.

NOTE: If inner magazine tube is in rifle, make sure flexible magazine follower re-enters receiver freely. Align fore-end hanger screw hole with take-down screw hole in receiver. Replace and tighten take-down screw. Replace trigger plate assembly.

RECEIVER GROOVES: The receiver is designed with two long dovetail grooves cut into top panel. A receiver type mount may be used. Slide mount into grooves and tighten in desired location.

MAINTENANCE: Rifle should be checked periodically by a competent gunsmith to ensure proper inspection and any necessary replacement of worn or damaged parts.
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