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550-1 magazine follower problem?

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I just obtained my first 550-1. It shoots great & I really like the rifle!
My problem is that the magazine follower is pointed & when I try to load
shells it slides to the side of the bullet point & becomes jammed against the side of the inner magazine tube. I bought a new inner magazine assembly but it is the same as the old one. I must be missing something.....any help would be appreciated! Would loading an empty case in the magazine as your last shell work? That would let the magazine follower center itself into the
empty shell mouth & then would fit over the rest of the shells in the magazine?
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550-1 magazine follower

Thanks for your help. I really apreciate it! I got the replacement inner magazine assembly from Numrich, but neither follower had any indentation in the end to allow the bullet point to fit is so it just slides to one side & goes past the bullet point where it jams & wont go any further..
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