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I was at a local gun shop today when an older gentleman walked in IRATE because he bought a 547 and it would not extract spend WIN Xperts relaibly. Seems that a custom rimfire with a match chamber and shilen barrel doesn't like Win Xperts...Who da' thunk it?

He was absolutely irate when the guy behind the couner tried to explane to him that it has a match chambr and was most likely desined for very precise ammo like eley, or lapua. only made it worse and he demanded that they refund him his money immediately.

am i mising something, maybe he spent all his piggy bank on the rifle and didnt feel like shelling out the money for ammo. Am i wrong ir am i missing something.
Maybe I am reading this wrong but I believe that he meant spent instead of "spend". This would mean that the fired rounds would not extract.
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