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Win M52's


Some generalized comments on the Win M52's:

0 They are all fine rifles...! ! :cool:
0 They were normally sold 'less' sights.
0 Prices in the "Blue Book of Gun Values" are for the rifle ONLY.
0 The M52C [or later] is preferred, as it has the 'Micro-Motion' trigger, introduced in 1947. NRA Rules limited the trigger to 2 pounds, IIRC. It may go lower.....? ?
0 Model 'series' is denoted by a letter in the serial number.
0 Redfield sights [Olympic & International] were the most common seen on the firing line. These will add ~ $125. to ~ $175. to any listed "rifle" values.
0 Target scope blocks were provided on some models; receivers were not drilled & tapped for 'modern' scopes.
0 Three barrels were offered: Target, Heavy Target, and Bull Target.
0 Stocks varied from "Marksman" to some specialized types.
0 Dates of manufacture maybe found using the Link in this Forum.

Check this Forum for some typical M52 values...! ! ;)

Not having fired the Anschutz 54, I can not comment on their relative accuracy. However, the Win M52 was "King of the Hill" in smallbore shooting in the US through the 50's, 60's and 70's...! ! In my ~ four years of competitive shooting, I never saw anything BUT M52C's...! ! :eek:

Hope this helps....! ! :)
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