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The magazines for the 5-teen series (510 thru 521) can be adapted for the 541/581's but they're kinda' a b*tch to work with. You can make a "sleeve" or rectangular tube that is similar to the slot/sleeve on the rear of your plastic 541 mag. There was a poster on Shooters (I think) a year or so ago that did this. He used sheet metal of some kind and formed the sleeve and either epoxied or JB Welded it to the rear side of the 5-teen series mags.

I've tried this but so far it looks pretty "clunky" and I haven't been able to get a really good fit. It works but not real well. I don't have a method to form the sheet metal consistently. Am thinking of trying to fabricate some kind of steel mandrell and bend the metal around that before fitting to the magazine.

Don't really know if it will be worth all the trouble. I've had good performance with the plastic mags for my 581's; just seems like a good metal mag would be a nice touch for these riifles.

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