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504 discontinued?

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I was just at my local gun shop inquiring about the price for a 504 and they told me that the model has been discontinued. They could still order one for me but it made me wonder if anyone's heard if Remington has any future plans for a similar middle-of-the-line sporter. I will probably order a 504 regardless but was just wondering if I should wait for something down the road. I've been considering a new bolt .22 for a while and had it narrowed down between a 504 and a quad (which they informed me is also discontinued), I might might just order both before they're gone.
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Do a search in the Remington and Sako sections in this forum on the Remington 504 and the Sako Quad. There is a lot of info on both. The Remington 504 has been discontinued. Remington now has the Model 5 at a price point below what the 504 was, and they also have the model 547, which is essentially the 504 sold as a semi-custom rifle with an improved bolt handle and barrel at a much higher price. The Sako Quad inventories are being closed out in it's current form. Right now current inventories of both are being sold at some really attractive prices. The Sako Quad has somewhat of a less problematic history than the Remington 504. Anyway, after reading the many threads in RFC you can draw your own conclusions as to which you might wish to buy. Many of us, including myself, have bought both of them. Good luck, and be sure to let us know which way you go.:bthumb:
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