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500 Rounds No Problems

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I'm starting my count over again on how long the Mamba will shoot without a jam. It went well over 50K with no troubles but then started giving me 4 - 5 failures to feed during a Steel Challenge Match.

I thought it was the ammo but it did it with a few brands. I took it apart, cleaned everything and then sent the top end to Volquartsen to see if they could help. The Guide Rod Assembly was bent and VQ sent me a new one. Problem 1 solved.

Then, I tried to put in the VQ Extended Magazine Release and went a little too hard on taking out the Trigger Pivot Spring Retainer. Enough pressure that I actually broke the frame and had to send it back to Ruger. Great customer service. I got the frame back in 3 days.

Re installed my Volquartsen Accurizing Kit but the gun wouldn't fire. I've done about a dozen upgrades so this one stumped me. A fellow RFC member told me to put an OEM Trigger Plunger Spring in and that may help. It did. There goes Problem II.

Today I ran 500 rounds without one jam. I'll give it another try next week and if it still works I will shoot it at our next Steel Challenge Match. I shot a mixture of CCI Mini Mags, 36 grain Blazers, 40 grain Blazers and some CCI-SV. Everything functioned and I found I like the limited recoil of the SV ammo.

I also added a set of StonerCNC grips. I like the color and the feel. They are a little thinner than my Herrett Stocks and I get a better purchase on the gun. With their sharp checkering my hand just does not slip.
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I was wondering how much you could tighten the front thumb rest bolt without breaking the frame
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