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50 Yard Iron Sight Shoot November 2021

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Shot 3 targets today, I don't see a thread for 50 yards so started this one here…

Finally shot a 200 today. Shot my first 199 a few months back, so I was hopeful for seeing a 200, but the last few months the best I could do was 198.

Changed the bipod to be further back on the stock today. I had it as far forward as it could go and I think the stock was flexing a bit.

The three targets ended up 200-11x, 199-14x, 200-11x

Here is the best one, which was the first one.

50-4x, 50-2x, 50-2x, 50-3x
Anschutz 64 mpr, RWS R50
McRee chassis, front bipod, rear sandbag
55 degrees, overcast sky, 0 to light breeze from the front left

Combined image from the scoring app

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Try the A23/5 (all black bull) targets. Im thinking they will serve you better than those A23/5R ones.
I do believe the all black would be better at 50 also.
I have to agree. I have a huge stock of the tan centered ones...and at 25 yards they are fine...at 50 my vision blurs them. I wish I had the all black
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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