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50 Yard Iron Sight Shoot December 2021

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Rules to live by

Dec. 2021 50 Yard Iron Sight Shoot

I see this shoot as a place where we may keep track of our own shooting improvements, compare our shooting abilities with our fellow shooters, and to brag a little.

OK, lets start:
Iron Sight (Globe & Peep)
Matches start on the first day of each month and end on the last day of the month. Scores to be reported by the 2nd- 4th day of the following month. A Score Bulletin with all shooters names posted on the 4th or 5th day of the following month.
TARGETS TO BE USED IN THIS MATCH: NRA A 23/5 target. Note: This target is only for 50 yards. Five shots are fired at each bull for a total possible score of 200-20X.

Ammunition is shoot what you have.
Optical front lens are permitted but limited to 1.5X. Shooters may use tube extensions on either their front or rear sights as long as they do not contain any optical magnification and the extensions do not form one solid tube between sights; i.e., there must be a distinguishable distance between the front and rear tubes making them separate. Shooters may use any type or color of front sight insert (clear, amber, etc.) and after market eyepieces or discs on their rear sight (Merit, Hadley, Gehmann, etc.) as long as the inserts or discs do not offer any optical magnification.

From the front edge of the bench to the face of the target: 50 yards.
You may shoot on an indoor range, please note it when post your score.

The let's not:
have any rail guns, or benchrest stocks. Any rifle with a benchrest type stock or a custom action or a factory action that has been "blueprinted" will not be allowed in this class. A benchrest stock is one that has a forend with a flat bottom, more than 2.7 inches wide, and/or has the bottom of the buttstock parallel or near parallel to the bottom of the forend. Bench Rest Blocks (plates attached to the accessory rail or stock) are not permitted.
At the end of the year (early January) I will compile all of a persons scores divided by 12 (months in a year) and post a yearly score.
I would like for everyone to report their score and equipment information as follows

Your name or screen name
Rifle, ammo, score
Equipment list (rest front/rear, any thing special about your setup)
Weather/or shot indoors
Excuses: Anything you would like us to know about your shooting day.
Would be nice if you could post a photo of your setup.


Nov. 2021 Scores
Stephen Bachiler, CZ 457 Jaguar, RWS Target Rifle, 192-4x
Shorty123/Jack, Rem. 540X, SK+, 200-17X
Ken_N, Anschutz 64 mpr, RWS R100, 200-15x
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Rem. 540X, SK+
Caldwell front and protektor rear
50 and cloudy and calm
50-4x,50-3x,50-4x,50-4x 200-15x

I put the wrong date on the target. Living in the past I reckin.

Thanks Chuck:bthumb:
First decent day in awhile


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Got out this past Friday, weather prediction looked decent, but it was a little colder and windier than I hoped so I only stayed for an hour or so. Shot one set at 100 and then one set at 50. These will probably be the only entries for this month.

Anschutz 64 mpr, Eley Tenex, 196-6x
McRee chassis, front bipod, rear sandbag
45, overcast, 5-10 shifting wind from left front

49-1x, 50-3x, 48-1x, 49-1x
Combined image of 20 shots from the scoring app

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Win. 52D SK Pistol Match
Caldwell front and protektor rear
45 and Sunny and breezy
49-0x,50-2x,50-3x,47-1x 196-6x
The rifle did not like this ammo and I did not like the bright sun.
But you take what you get this time of year.

Thanks Chuck


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Got one last session in for the month. Weather prediction looked ok, always feels colder and windier than the prediction, or my bones are just getting older. I got a delayed start this morning, when I got to the range it was packed full. I guess no one was working today.

I negotiated a spot on the 50/100 yard benches, waited a half hour for the next target change, and shot a set at 50 yards. Things were working well so on the next target change I switched to 100 yards. The breeze kicked up a little and was damp and cold, so after one set at 100 I packed up. When I left there were 25 cars in line waiting for a spot to open, they were busy today!

Anschutz 64 mpr, Eley Match, 200-13x
McRee chassis, front bipod, rear sandbag
48, heavy overcast, light breeze from the front left

50-3x, 50-3x, 50-4x, 50-3x
Combined image of 20 shots from the scoring app

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