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50 Yard 3/8" Game

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50 Yard 3/8" Game​


This game will be run on the Honor system.

Rifle - Any SuperSport Heavy rifle. Multiple Rifles may be entered by a shooter.

Rest - Any two piece rest, Bi-pod or bags. No one piece or return to battery rests.

Optics - Any scope or sights.

Ammo - Any ammo

Target - Any target

Shooter - A shooter may enter multiple rifles. A shooter with a rifle already on the list may attempt to improve its position at any time.

The Card:

Four five shot groups.
Four sizers will be on the card.
3 of 4 five shot groups under .375 to qualify.
Targets will be clean, four groups, four sizers nothing else.
The card will be shot for this game expressly, no old cards.


Targets will be measured with a caliper.

Measure the sizers and write raw size next to each one and calculate the average.

Measure each group write the raw size next to each group.
Subtract the average sizer measurement from each group to get your final
group size. Write it next to each group.

Take the average of the best three groups as well as all four groups and
write them on your target.

Post your target, photo of your rifle and link to a build thread if you have one.

Game lists.

Competition list - Best three group average will be posted to the top and in descending order from there.

Non Competition list - Qualifying entry's will be posted in order of submission.
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Exactly how it should be:bthumb:

Again my apologies about the rifle. That is what I get for reading two forums at the same time and not dividing them in my alleged brain.:eek::D

One of the reasons I asked was DrGunner did allow old targets in at least one olf his matches in Ultimate and I thought that was asking for trouble but he did it well as he normally does.

I talked to one member here on the phone and pointed out that I had posted several 100 yard targets that would easily qualify for the Superstock 100 yard MOA game and the NEXT DAY nemo hunter started the game!:eek::rolleyes::p It was in the fall as I recall (I could be wrong it may have been Spring) but the point is I had to wait for several months to get a warm enough day to be the first rifle on the list due to shooting SK STD + and it's dislike for cold weather.:rolleyes::D

So life goes. Even then I waited to put my other Twin on until another member, speed647, put his Carbine on the list so as to not scare other people away from the game by dominating it. After he put his rifle on from a VERY tough range I had shot on in CA I felt comfortable to put another rifle on.

Sometimes it is not about personal stuff but looking out for the forum. :bthumb:
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I need to take Pugsley out with some eley and sk and see if he cant qualify for this....
You CAN do it!
ill clean the barrel, start with some eley and if I cant get it done like that ill move to some sk I have.
Took pugsley out today. after going through some eley, which shot decent at first, but when the humid south breeze blew in it started shooting shot gun patterns, so I moved to some sk std, some sk pistol match, some sk magazine and what finally got it done was a batch of wolf match target.

.287, .318, .216, and .284"

here are some of the other targets

Here is one I am going to submit for the ultimate 50y game with pugsley

and here is one I shot with my 452 American

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Very nice shootin' Clem-E! I'll get you on the list this afternoon. Sorry for the delay I've been quite busy this last week.

Congrats on being the first one to make this game! :bthumb: :Blasting_
Great Shooting Clem! BS1's game is getting some attention here and that is a good thing from a very good guy :D:bthumb:
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I changed to a Kidd barrel, on Old Brown Shoe, a few weeks ago.

I started shooting for this game a few days ago.
It's not as easy as it looks, or as easy as Clem makes it look. ( nice shooting Clem ).
You can shoot a .300 to .350 average, and still not have a qualifier.
I shot a few today.
I shot this one first.

Then I shot this one, and finally got a qualifier.

Some day I'll try for a better one.
But for now I'll go back, and try the No Bull at 50, or take another try at the 25yd Zero Games.
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I started shooting for this game a few days ago.
It's not as easy as it looks, or as easy as Clem makes it look. ( nice shooting Clem ).
You can shoot a .300 to .350 average, and still not have a qualifier.
I appreciate the compliment. My ammo was shooting that day, which was a switch because typically at 50y I cant get the sub $10 box stuff to shoot that well. But since its been over a year since ive had any high end eley or lapua that shot as well as I thought it should have, I really haven't bought anything but more mid priced stuff. and I will say this, my 16" kidd barrel seems to shoot a little better than my wifes 20" kidd barrel. both have the bolts done by Que, kidd FPs, kidd triggers, revolution stocks, ect. this little 16"er has shot from day one. best $125 I ever spent!

That's about the performance I got out of my last batch of center x. That's not bad shooting. I would bet its more ammo related. I really like the look of that rifle BTW.:bthumb:
Some days, SK RM will out shoot the Center X. Some days, its the opposite.
I had a previous lot of SK RM, that shot better than the lot that I now have. For the price, I'll stick with the RM, from now on.
I may try some Midas some day.
Well done Hawkeye57! :bthumb: Excellent shooting. :AR15firinI got you on the list.
Very nice shooting Hawkeye57. I think I have already commented on your rifle and like it very much! :bthumb:
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TTT as per request
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