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$50 Bore Scope

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One of the members posted about these:


He bought an "AnyKit" which was sold out so I bought the one that I linked to. There are a few different models and a half dozen copies of each, one $10 less and some much more.

I've fiddled with a USB endoscope, even made my own mirror but was not satisfied with the results. This looks good.

Here is the link from the CZ forum:

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Bigbore, there is a recent LONG thread in the 10/22 barrel thread, I purchase this borescope based on it and a very happy. Take a look, lots of info there.
Found it. Thanks.

Duplicate post from barrel forum:

I bore scoped a Ruger OEM tapered barrel on video. The barrel is dirty and it is used for experimentation and practicing technique e.g., lapping.

One thing that I think keeps this bore scope from being a "10" is the light. I adjusted the light as low as it will go and it still casts a hot spot of light in the center of the frame. I will try to experiment with some schemes to diffuse the light e.g., micro diffuser ring of white plastic or coating the LED ring with something. For the time being I've altered the video with an Adobe video editor.

For your entertainment. The carbon ring(17 seconds) as well as normal deposits are visible. There is a significant lead deposit ~"1" from the muzzle which would be something I would red flag if I cared about this barrel. There are readily visible machining marks along the bore but macro photography tends to make machining marks look worse than they are in my experience. Notice the machining marks are not collecting lead like the anomaly near the muzzle.

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That vid is enough to make me want to buy one
As is they are a great value but I want to see if I can do something about the light in the center of the frame so I'm playing around with a light diffuser made out of a spray bottle tube. I show what I'm doing on the third page of the Teslong thread on the barrel forum.

Here is a 2 minute video with a makeshift diffuser. It is a hastily cut piece of plastic tubing just sitting in the mirror trough so it wobbled around. I'll play around with it to see if I can refine it as time permits.

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