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I was talking to Dan at McGowan barrels and he said he would make me a 17 mach II barrel and a 22lr for my 455. No one seems to have 455 barrels in 22lr available. ive got the 17hmr for an american i found at a lgs. my rifle came as a22mag. Has any one used McGowan barrels I was wondering how the accuracy is with them.
Lilja's had replacement 22LR barrels for a couple months now. There's a few threads about them including 2 of my own. Last time anybody talked to him the Mach II barrels were a ways off though. He wanted to get the HMR barrels out first.

I've never even heard of McGowan barrels. Much less shot one. I couldn't tell you whether they are accurate or not.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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