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454 Casul

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Anyone have a pet load for this caliber or just a favorite powder choice. I got a couple of hundred bullets in 300 grain for it. Just never loaded for this round so far.
Its a model 83 Freedom Arms and needs some fodder. As factory ammo is a bit on the pricy side for this thing, its one more to ad to my reloading projects. I don't usually bother reloading pistol rounds but will make an exception for this one and the 357 mag.


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I have a bunch of new brass and I believe dies for this but never kept one long enough to reload for it. Actually the fatherin law was the one that had the pistols, he never shot it enough for me to go to the trouble of working up loads for him.
A really stiff load of Win 296 under the original FA 260 grain bullets in their original small rifle primer brass still work best for me. I stocked up on their brass and bullets before they quit making them. FA used to have reloading data on their website, maybe they still do.

GREAT revolver! For max loads, very tough bullets are almost a requirement and work exceptionally well. :bthumb:

I have 2 FA83s. I’ve been using RCBS 270 SWC mold. The load I’ve settled on is that bullet with 22.0gr of 2400 powder. It’s basically a heavy 44mag load. Where I hunt(northern NY) it more than enough for anything I’ll run into.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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