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454 .22 Magnum Heavy Barrel?

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I am considering the purchase of a CZ in .22 Magnum, but am a bit confused as to their available models.

I was in Scheel's earlier today and they had a 454 American with the heavy target barrel in .17 HMR.

Wonderful feeling rifle, nice finish, palm swell on the stock, no sights but ribbed for scope mounts. Around $400.

Perfect, exactly what I want, but, I want it in .22 Magnum.

Checked the CZ-USA web site and I don't see the .17 HMR model listed that I was looking at today, or the Varmint model in .22 Magnum, only .22 LR listed.

I'm assuming the .17 HMR I was looking at was the 454 Varmint model correct? And is it available in .22 Magnum. And does it usually go for around $400 as well?

Don't know a lot about the CZ line but I'm impressed by what I read here and in the magazines.

Any help from you guys would be appreciated!


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Operator Error

Sorry guys..............

I think I mean the 452 American, not 454.

Not sure what I was thinking there.

I believe the Lux and the American are the only 22 magnums available in the CZ 452 line. Both only with sporter weight barrels. I own a Lux in 22 mag and it shoots pretty well in the limited range visits I've had with it.

I, too , would be more intersted in a varmint American version of the CZ 22 mag if it were available.
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