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452 Rings from CZ

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I saw a set of rings from CZ for their Varmint model .22 and the store wanted $60.Is this unreasonable?What other rings are offered and are they as strong as the factory ones?These CZ rings looked heavy duty.Thanks.
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I just got a 452 and had a set of Kwik-Site rings already laying around so I gave them a try. These that I have are NOT the see through type. Each comes in two halves with a screw above and below to tighten them. They do fit the CZ's scope grooves just fine. I've only been able to take the rifle out and shoot it once since I got it last Friday and that wasn't for very long so I can't tell you that they're great but they will fit and hold the scope securely. I tried on some Weaver .22 rings too and they would not work with those CZ grooves. I couldn't see paying all that much for a set of rings either. Not sure but the Kwik-Site rings probably cost about $15 give or take. I'd had mine for a while and forgot exactly what they cost.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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