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452 Rings from CZ

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I saw a set of rings from CZ for their Varmint model .22 and the store wanted $60.Is this unreasonable?What other rings are offered and are they as strong as the factory ones?These CZ rings looked heavy duty.Thanks.
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Lots of folks have used the BKL 257s with great success on both the 11mm and American dovetails. I really like the design as it is simple, strong, and effective. For $18 (list) you can hardly go wrong. More info at BKL Tech. They will also make custom variations including droop adjusted or canted one-piece mounts. A friend is using one on the 11mm dovetail and likes it very much.

If I weren't using the Burris Signatures I would be using the BKLs. They are also a lot lighter than Burris rings if you need to make weight.
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